It’s Here…!!!


Thursday- Julie came to pick me up from my house so we could head down to Charleston to stay the night in the apartment.  Since Sean somehow had my apartment keys, we had to wait for my landlord to get me my keys.  That took longer than we had anticipated…  Once we got into the apartment, we dropped our stuff off and ran to go eat.  Then we ran around Charleston, feeding money into its economy more than we had anticipated.  At least I don’t want to spend a lot of money anywhere else…!  We went to bed around 11:30, only to wake up at 4am.

Friday- Maggie, Emily and Maggie’s dad came to pick us up from my apartment around 5:15am.  Then we were on our way to the airport in Indiana.  Maggie’s dad graciously paid for our breakfast and walked us into the airport.  It was the quickest check-in/security check I’ve ever been through (all of maybe 4 times now).  We got on a plane to Atlanta, short layover, got back on to Ft. Lauderdale.  Once we arrived, we went to our hotel, which has beautiful views.  Pictures to come when I get back!  Dr. L is a wonderful woman, with so much energy that it encourages all of us who are weary travellers to be the same.  The weight limit on the plan to the island is posing some issues but we’re working through it, I hope… 

Saturday- Woke up pretty early, or so it seems.  We’re headed to the island today!  We’re being taken out via 8 passenger planes, so three groups.  I think there is a camera guy documenting our trip too, so that’s interesting.

  Limited contact with the outside world from here on out.  Cannot wait to get back to share all the experiences and photos!

It’s Happening…!


One week from today I will be traveling to Ft. Lauderdale, then Andros Island, Bahamas!  I keep thinking that the closer I am to the departure date, the more real it will become but it still has not sunk in quite yet.  Julie and I are finalizing our lesson plans, eagerly awaiting to meet our students!  I am beginning the packing process, as we are only allotted 45lbs, per person.  Packing light has never been a strong-suit of mine, just ask anyone I’ve ever traveled and/or lived with…  So the learning experiences are already beginning!  I am so thankful for the several scholarships I received, and the support of my parents that allows me to participate in this once-in-a-lifetime experience!


 This past semester was different.  I learned more about myself, the relationships I have with friends and family, but more importantly, my relationship with the Lord.  He has and continues to make things possible in my life that I never expected to be part of my story.  My prayer is that during this trip I am able to connect with my peers, the children and anyone who walks across my path, all while glorifying Him.  This is His time, not mine.  It is His plans for my life that are happening, not the plans I want to tell Him I have.  

So it’s really happening and all of this dreaming of walking along pristine beaches, learning about island life, teaching children, is becoming a reality!


The Low Down



As I sit in class, my mind is constantly wandering to this experience of a lifetime that will be here before I know it…  It is difficult to even comprehend that I, Courtney Leanne, am going to  participate in a Study Abroad trip, and it will count for part of my student teaching!  I suppose a little description of my trip would be important…

Program Name:  Science and Schooling

Location:  Andros Island, Bahamas

Date: May 23rd-31st, 2014

Cost: Roughly $3,000 (potentially less).  However, I have scholarships for $1,500 and already have my passport $145.  Meaning I need roughly $1,355 more to go.  I am waiting to hear from another scholarship still and am hopeful for more scholarship opportunities.

Purpose:  “This study abroad program focuses on inquiry techniques of both learning science and teaching science.  Students have the opportunity to work with children in a multicultural setting from a developing country in a school in the Bahamas as well as explore the unique ecosystems of a marine environment.”  (Pulled directly from:

In short, I will be given the opportunity to teach in the Bahamas, learn about marine life (instead of Illinois’ ocean of corn…!), form new friendships, and glorify God through all of this!

I never ever EVER thought that this would be something I would have the opportunity of participating in…  I am NOT a “fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants” kind of girl, as most know!  I am a planner to the point of dreaming up new ideas of how to plan my days.  That bad!  But there is something about this trip that is calling to me, I mean, the Bahamas are probably “calling” to just about anybody who is living through this crazy winter in Illinois…

Hopefully you’ll enjoy keeping up with me as I learn to let a little bit of my “planning-self” go, and begin to appreciate God’s timing and creation.

“For such a time as this…”